The Silverband

A band of young adventurers seek fame and fortune in the Silver Marches of the Forgotten Realms while on a diplomatic mission for the Sad Queen of Evermeet.

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Aidan Smithson - Fire mage and son of a blacksmith.

Bekka Longtale - Daughter of a baker and bard, with a strange companion that lives under her skin.

Brother Dominic - Dwarven Cleric, strong, but with a healing touch.

Draen Kelroth - Half-Elvin ranger on a quest for his goddess.

E Dorn - Mysterious warrior who won't divulge his true name, strong of arm and stout of heart.

Ithilnaur Tamar - Half-Drow rogue from the low streets of Waterdeep.

Khaira Falqhuil - Elvin emissary of the Sad Queen, a wizard and herbalist of some renown.

Rylaufein Rhiane Teken'duis - Drow warrior and bodyguard with the mission of protecting the Lady Khaira.

...and soon...

Murdock Proudfoot - Halfling sorcerer and rogue who is seeking out the band that befriended a hobbit village. "Any friend of the hobbits is a friend of mine!"